Tax law impacts all business or personal activities. Every year, rules are increasing in number and complexity and it is often difficult for the non specialist to fully understand their scope and consequences. In that context, Joyn tax is both a proactive and efficient support for any issue raised by the other practice groups of Joyn when advising their clients and an autonomous and self-supporting practice group.

Pragmatism as a main rule

Joyn tax is built on two partners, each of whom has obtained a Master in Tax Law from the best Belgian universities and has gained a long experience with the various aspects of tax law within international law firms. Beyond high academic and technical skills required from any tax lawyer, Joyn tax focuses on finding pragmatic solutions to issues raised by its clients. Our advices are accurate, adapted to the clients’ environment and easy to implement. Our approach integrates all aspects of the relevant tax issue by taking into account not only its financials consequences but also the risk of criminal or administrative sanctions and penalties, the reputation risk and the potential cost of time and money in case of dispute with the tax authorities. In that respect, Joyn tax has all the skills and experience required to support and defend its clients at all stages of any tax litigation, from tax audit to Supreme Court and EU Court of Justice.

Private Banking and Wealth Management

Joyn tax’s core business, the Wealth Management industry is nowadays rapidly expanding. The partners at Joyn tax are renowned in the industry beyond Belgian borders. They are speakers at seminars inBrussels,Luxembourg,Geneva,Zurich… They cover various matters such as the tax regime of financial products and life insurance schemes, estate and inheritance tax planning, including international issues, tax dispute and voluntary disclosure…

Thanks to a network of personal relationships with foreign lawyers specialized in the wealth management industry, they cover many EU and non-EU jurisdictions.

Together with Joyn Banking & Finance practice group, Joyn tax offers to banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions a full range of services including both tax and regulatory aspects of the Wealth Management industry.

On the other hand, the ever increasing criminalisation of non-compliance with tax laws and the slowly disappearing borderline between legal tax avoidance and fraudulent tax evasion requires the implication in any serious tax practice group of a lawyer specialized in criminal matters. Headed by one of the best specialist of Belgian criminal law, Joyn Penal advises our clients on the prevention of criminal liability in connection with the potential tax fraud by their own customers and steadily support them in any criminal dispute.

Real Estate

Uniting their skills, Joyn Tax, Joyn Commerce and Joyn Public offer to our real estate clients the full range of services needed in that area. Joyn Tax is not only a first class tax advisor and litigator with respect to the various aspects of real estate taxation (including corporate income tax, VAT, transfer tax and regional and local taxes), but also a reliable and efficient support for real estate transactions.