JOYN Social

  • JOYN Social is the department where law meets human nature to devise a solution to questions arising in its clients' professional world.
  • It guides both employees and employers through the process of termination of a working relationship.
  • In particular, it advises managers and directors regarding the rights they can claim upon dismissal.

Expertise and experience for a winning strategy


JOYN Social is made up of lawyers who are ready to listen, and who have very specific legal expertise and substantial experience with labour courts. It gives its clients specialised legal advice on matters of labour law and social security law.

JOYN Social prioritises working with its clients in a sustainable process, built on trust, so that they can benefit from appropriate advice, avoid litigation, or implement a winning strategy.

It has developed special expertise in matters of legislation concerning well-being at work in the widest sense. This involves not only issues related to violence or harassment in the workplace but also questions concerning health and safety at work.

Appropriatet and sustainable solutions

JOYN Social has all the necessary theoretical tools (through its specific knowledge) and practical tools (through its experience "in the field") to provide its clients with the assistance and support they need.

Other techniques, such as mediation and conciliation, are considered to be an integral part of providing a top-quality service and can provide a speedy and sustainable solution, achieved through dialogue and mutual respect.

JOYN Social has the capability to represent its clients before labour courts throughout Belgium, whatever the language requirements.