JOYN Public

  • High-profile court cases involving major infrastructure projects and industrial disasters
  • All aspects of public law, with particular expertise in environmental law 

JOYN public

JOYN Public covers all matters involving the relationship between people and public authorities. We resolve problems connected with public and administrative law, environmental and town planning law, constitutional law, the civil service, public procurement, as well as matters such as expropriation.

At the heart of public law

Logically enough, JOYN Public deals with the public. Its lawyers regularly contribute articles and research papers to academic publications. In this way they associate with other publicists, confront issues, and have a role in the development of the law.

The department is headed by Damien Jans, who holds a doctorate in law from UCL and teaches administrative law and environmental law there. This university activity requires and enables constant updating of knowledge, in fields that are constantly undergoing change.

Recognised expertise

JOYN Public can count public institutions, companies, associations and also private individuals amongst its clients.

Our clients have confidence in us because they know we constantly maintain our expertise and exploit synergies with other JOYN departments. They appreciate our assertiveness in defending their interests and the transparency of our fees, tailored to each situation.

Areas of expertise

  • Fundamental rights
  • Environmental and town planning permits in the three regions: assistance in preparing the submission file, introduction of administrative or judicial recourse;
  • Management of polluted land and waste
  • Industrial nuisance litigation: classified establishments, landfill sites, hazardous substances, SEVESO companies, management of ionising and non-ionising radiation, GMOs, CO2 emission quotas;
  • Land-use planning: drawing up land-use plan modification projects, derogation permits;
  • Real estate litigation: construction defects, damage, defect in consent, improvement of access;
  • Private nuisance (in collaboration with JOYN Commerce);
  • Notarial liability
  • Scope of competences
  • Civil service: promotions, nominations, sanctions for agents or civil servants (in partnership with JOYN Social);
  • Expropriation
  • Public procurement