JOYN Criminal

  • Rigorous and demanding basic methodology
  • A dynamic approach to criminal risk through anticipation and proactivity

JOYN Penal

Criminal law most often crops up by surprise, whether in the private or professional sphere: a summons to appear before the police, a blocked account or a police court summons can have a destabilising effect. The criminal procedure is often disparaged: words like "opaque", "arbitrary", "long" and "unpredictable" are typically used to describe it. In the criminal law field, this all contributes to a growing feeling of distrust and apprehension.

The basic requirement

In this hostile environment, the lawyer has a key role to play. A simplistic view limits this role to guaranteeing the right of defence. To us at JOYN Criminal, it is obvious that other qualities are required: teaching skills to explain the meanderings of the procedure to the client, perceptiveness to define the objectives for a defence, diplomacy to successfully interact with the judge, a methodical and rigorous mindset for analysing voluminous dossiers, and a capacity for synthesis and eloquence when taking the floor... For JOYN Criminal, these are all basic requirements.

Proactive anticipation

By its very nature, the intervention of the lawyer in criminal proceedings begins "after the facts" - i.e. after the occurrence of the events which gave rise to the liability. By emphasising anticipation and proactivity, JOYN Criminal offers a more dynamic approach to criminal risk. This method can prevent the occurrence of certain events (e.g. a premises search) or anticipate the management of situations that may arise (e.g. preparation for a hearing). It also involves investment in training/prevention, independent of any criminal procedure (e.g. criminal procedure training course modules).