JOYN Commerce

  • Pragmatic and effective solutions for all commercial law problems

All economic players - companies being the front-runners - have to navigate through turbulence at times while conducting their business, whether or not they recognise this. At such points, questions of a legal nature can arise. Obtaining the right answers is critical to the success of a company's activities.


Commerce intro

A pro-active partner

JOYN Commerce assists its clients proactively in defining and implementing the solutions required over the short, medium and long term for all problems related to commercial law. These solutions need to be pragmatic and effective, and - as in any economic sphere - they must represent value for money.

Evolving knowledge and experience

Our solutions are based on thoroughgoing - and ongoing - familiarity with the legal environment that surrounds us; common sense; and experience gained in courts throughout Belgium, and the commercial courts in particular.

JOYN Commerce provides assistance to economic players of various sizes, holding assets in a very wide range of different sectors.

Areas of activity :

  • negotiation, conclusion, execution and termination of all commercial contracts (e.g. purchase/sale contracts, leases, distribution, transport and IT contracts)
  • commercial practices
  • company law (e.g. creation, transfers, shareholder pacts, conflicts within the company, liability)
  • civil liability, contractual liability and extracontractual liability and insurance
  • real estate matters