JOYN Legal Mauritius – African Desk

Since 2010, JOYN Tax has developed a practice centered on African countries, with a particular focus on Mauritius and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our African office is located in Ebene, Republic of Mauritius.

Joyn Legal Mauritius - African desk

Joyn Legal Mauritius was established in April 2017 by Benoît Philippart de Foy and Antoine Dayez and, on September 1, 2017 has obtained the very first “Global Legal Advisory Services” license delivered by the Financial Service Commission of Mauritius. Our African desk is currently composed of six lawyers including two partners.

Joyn Legal Mauritius is specializing in rendering the following services:

  • advisory services about Mauritian Tax Law ;
  • advisory services in relation with wealth management for residents of African countries ;
  • advisory services about Republic Democratic of Congo’s Tax Law ;
  • assisting in the analysis and the declaration of the Belgian Tax on Stock Exchange Transaction (« TOB » / « Beurstaks ») for Belgian residents holders of a foreign bank account ; 


Republic of Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius is aiming to play a role in Africa similar to the one Singapore plays in Asia : a center of excellence for professional and financial services.

We advise clients about the structuration of their Mauritian and African activities, using exclusively domestic (onshore) companies subject to Mauritian Tax. Conversely we do not advise about so-called “offshore” companies (licence GBL1 or GBL2). We do however seek to use the extended Double Tax Treaties network developed by Mauritius and the available domestic Mauritian tax credits in order to avoid double taxation and minimize the tax burden on transnational operations.


Wealth management for residents of African countries 

With regards to wealth management, we have developed our practice alongside two axis :

- on the one hand we advise private individuals who are residents in African countries on the way to structure their assets and investments ;

- on the other hand we advise financial institutions (banks and insurance companies) outside of Africa on the rules governing the opening of contractual relationship with African residents and on the tax obligations of their clients who are African residents when these clients hold, directly or indirectly, assets in foreign countries.


Democratic Republic of Congo

Since 2010 already we have been giving advices to clients who have activities in the DRC on the way to structure their activities in compliance with their tax obligations. We place a special emphasis on non-residents taxation and Value Added Tax which are applicable to services rendered from abroad to DRC-based enterprises.

We have also been advising economic operators in the DRC on matters as diverse as Insurance Law, compliance with Anti Money Laundering regulations and rules about sub-contracting.

Our approach is both rigorous and solutions-oriented within a legal environment in constant evolution.


Belgian Tax on Stock Exchange Transactions

Since 2017, Belgian tax residents who are holding securities accounts in foreign countries are directly liable to declare and pay the Tax on Stock Exchange Transactions (Taxe sur les Opérations de Bourse / Beurstaks). Joyn Legal Mauritius has developed a special expertise regarding this tax and proposes its services to analyze the taxable operations and file the TSET-returns.

These services are generally proposed to all banks wishing to offer to its clients a flexible and efficient solution to comply with their TSET obligations.

Joyn Legal Mauritius - African desk