JOYN fee policy

JOYN's fee policy is based on a simple principle: transparency.

When a new matter is opened, a personalised document - "JOYN, the pact" - sets out the terms and conditions of the agreement between JOYN and the client as well as the applicable price structure.

rameurs"JOYN, the pact" is based on the following principles:


Fees pay for the services provided by our lawyers. Generally speaking, they are calculated using an hourly rate which can vary depending on how difficult the case is, what the stakes are, or the client's ability to pay. They fall within the following range: 


A result-based fee may be agreed upon; if so, this is described in "JOYN, the pact".

Time sheets are sent to the client at regular, defined intervals (normally every quarter). If applicable, provisions may be requested.



Expenses cover the expenditure linked to the provision of services. These primarily include secretarial work, typing, correspondence, telephone calls, visits, copies, etc.

techniqueThey can be calculated in two ways:

The choice of the method is specified in "JOYN, the pact".


Disbursements are any sums that JOYN pays to third parties on behalf of its clients. These include bailiffs' fees (citation, execution, etc), notarial fees, translation fees, correspondence fees, etc. These sums are payable by the client. When they are advanced on the client's behalf, they are billed to the client at cost price, together with the relevant documentation.