The team-lawyering concept

JOYN is a law firm created by five lawyers who share the same passion for their profession and the same desire to practise it differently. The defining feature of JOYN is its "team-lawyering" concept. This approach ensures that we deploy the collective skills and expertise of our team to come up with the most effective solution for the client. At JOYN, sharing know-how and taking a multidisciplinary approach are an integral part of the way we work.

Team-lawyering is the most suitable response to ever-increasing legal complexity and the fact that business issues very frequently demand recourse to more than one area of legal practice.

The lawyers at JOYN, experience and technical expertise


It takes many years of experience and specialisation to develop expertise, gain recognition and establish a reputation as a lawyer.

JOYN currently has 8 partners and a team of associates. The firm has seven specialist departments which apply the team-lawyering principle, thus enabling us to deliver excellent service in all aspects of business law: JOYN Banking & Finance, JOYN Commerce, JOYN Corporate, JOYN Criminal, JOYN Public, JOYN Social, and JOYN Tax.

The lawyers who head these departments are authorities in their fields. Their expertise is recognised by their peers and attested to by their publications, academic posts, and participation in conferences and symposia.

Finally, by virtue of its independent network of local correspondents across Europe, JOYN has the capability to advise its clients and deliver services of high quality for any national or transnational transaction.

Creative, precise solutions from experts who know how to listen

Beyond having individual expertise, an effective lawyer needs to be capable of delivering creative and precise solutions, in the context of a clearly defined defence strategy. JOYN lawyers understand that developing a strong relationship with the client is a prerequisite for providing the best possible service. Our lawyers are skilled at listening. They are available when you need them, and, with JOYN team-lawyering, transparency is part of the culture.